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SHA provides a unique end-to-end solution for the effective procurement and tracking of contractual staff. Operating as an unbiased no-staffing company, SHA solution helps clients reduce costs and addresses critical issues in headcount and management expense tracking.

SHA delivers a full range of services to manage issues related to the procurement, selection, engagement and tracking of contractual staff. Those services have been developed through years of focused experience in the arena, and are powered by proprietary internet-based software that is the most comprehensive and robust in the industry.

As a company that pioneered an industry, SHA has worked closely with its clients to greatly expand its service offerings every year since its inception in 1998. The company has accomplished this while staying focused on its core competency in the contractual workforce arena.

Why should clients out-source their requirement of skills?

High-tech companies in every industry are facing increasing global competition where rapid product development is becoming as important as quality and innovation. However, even the most well established businesses are finding it difficult to support the high level of expertise such development requires. In addition to the costs and relatively small economies of developing in-house technology, it takes time to find, hire and train engineers and specialists.

Strategic advantages for outsourcing

Gain access to advanced technology that clients may not have previously possessed or that it requires long-term investment to acquire.
Allow time for clients to focus on their core competencies.

May be able to use resources supplied as sources of value to share risk, investment and lock in performance.

Other tactical selling points favoring outsourcing

    Cost reduction benefits
    Flexible time commitment (short, medium or long term)
    Multiple source points, including the PRC, Macau, Indonesia and the Philippines.
    Convenient way of effecting technological transformation by temporarily bringing in outside innovation.

Strategic issues when providing outsourcing and resources

We ensure that the contractual relationship is flexible enough to adapt proactively to the changing business needs. This is not only in relation to our clients!| businesses, but ours as well. If an existing client were expanding into a new market, we would respond by offering suitable resources even before being requested. Meanwhile, our clients are made duly aware of any new services we have to offer. We also ensure that a vehicle for continuous improvement is put into place and we seek to maintain high levels of quality control.

If you would like to learn more about how SHA could be used to address the contractual staffing challenges your company faces, then relax and call us. Because whatever those challenges may be, rest assured SHA has the experience and the services to meet them.

Macau Staff Hotline:
+852 3180 7720
+853 6672 1275

Macau Staff Hotline:
+852 3180 7720
+853 6672 1275